Brand story

 The finest Jewellry designs from talented and inspired entrepreneur Seba Jamal.

A sophisticated aesthetic sensibility coupled with an amazing passion for art and design has helped jewellery designer Seba Jamal carve a niche for herself in the jewellery designing industry. Her jewellery line - Seba Jamal - encompasses the perfect union of style, art and sculptural design. The line an outcome of years of in-depth study into the art, stands testimony to Sebas undying passion for the craft. 

Says this Lebanese born and bred designer, "My love for art drawing made me a creative kid since childhood. I was always looking for something exquisite, something unique. Later as I grew, I took up designing and designed my own
jewellery collection that I used personally. People noticed and appreciated my work and often asked me whose jewellery I wore. This inspired me to launch my own collection - Seba Jamal in the year 2008".

Sebas sheer passion for the craft saw her spent next five years, learning the intricacies of jewellery designing. Her in-depth knowledge of the art is visible in her collection - be it diamonds, sapphires, 18k gold or leather work that she has
mastered over the years. Her designs, that stand masterpieces to sleek, contemporary yet exotic designs, depict her own persona.

Says Seba, who has a degree in Business Marketing from the American University of Beirut, "Right from the beginning, I ensured that the designs I create would be unique and would bear no resemblance to any of the pieces which are already available in the market. Hence I emphasized on the word unique in all my collection," notes Seba who quickly adds that her great aesthetic sense that she is blessed with, inspires her to come up with unique designs all the time.

Seba Jamal